Cyber attacks Types:


Key reasons behind any cyber-attack are to access vital information, steal them and manipulate identities of the customers. Business should be aware of most common types of attacks in order to secure their devices, networks and their customer data.

APT: Advance persistent threats refers as APT are commonly used for long-term attacks where hackers break into the system in different phases to avoid any catch. Once they have access to the target network even after detection they can find their ways to get further access using different routes.

DDoS: Distributed denial of the Service happens when the server requests are made until it goes down.

Inside Attack: This kind of attack takes place when someone within the business with higher access misuses the credential information. In most cases, it occurs from the previous employee. Removing access to all system access is vital to avoid such instance.

Malware: This term refers to the malicious software and it covers any programme or software getting installed into the target system to gain valuable information or damage the system.  They can be virus, worms, Trojans, ransomware or spyware.

Password attack: Guessing of the passwords, dictionary attack (guessing different combinations) and keylogging attack (login IDs and passwords).

Phishing: Collecting sensitive information like login and credit card information by showing legitimate website (lookalike) by gaining trust.

Ransomware: When this happens, they expect you to pay the money in order to gain back your access. Some of the big companies have become a victim of this attack.

Zero day attack: This attack caused by the developer’s mistake in the design of the software. This takes a long time to detect and repair.

Having a Firewall can prevent many of the issues listed above in the form of hardware or software. It is worthwhile investing in getting a good firewall rather than being part of the any of the above attacks.

PONDESK have a different fanless firewall router security gateway appliance equipped with for secure and fast data encryption and decryption. protected from meltdown and specter vulnerabilities.

Our most popular models that support all the above are:

8 LAN 10Gig Fiber SFP+ 4G NGFW Firewall 1U Rackmount Server NSHO-001

Intel 3855U 6 LAN 1 COM WiFi 4G Firewall 1U Rackmount Server NSHO-002

Intel® J1900 3G/4G 2 LAN 1 COM Dual Display Fanless Mini PD: MNHO-074

Intel® J1900 4 LAN HD Dual Display 4G Fanless Firewall Router: MNHO-043

Intel® J1900 4 LAN 1 COM WiFi 4G Firewall Router Mini Server: MNHO-068

Intel® 3215U 4LAN 1 COM HD WiFi 4G Fanless Firewall Router: MNHO-035 

Intel® E3845 4 LAN 1 COM AES-NI 4G Fanless Firewall Router: MHNO-073




For more details and pricing on any of the models above please do visit the website and for wholesale inquiries email us at



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