Small Businesses Bigger Security Challenge

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Have you come across these quotes “cyber-attacks only happens to big organizations?” or “We will not be impacted as we are small companies”. Recent government survey provided some estimation that it cost £65,000 to £115,000 for the small businesses if they become a victim of the cyber-attack.  Do business consider this or keep aside money if they face the situation which they have never dealt with it?

If you are thinking that about the next question, what sort of things do this cost involve and why does it so high?  You are asking the right question to yourself as cybercrime is not just about knowing that it happened but to know the root cause behind it, replacing defected hardware and software, hiring professional to deal with the problem, work with PR team to limit the damage which has caused and also managing the relationship with existing client.

If a small or medium businesses have to go through all the above tasks, it looks like climbing a mountain with their day to day tasks. Having a fully protected system is an essential or almost no-brainer if you want to survive in the online environment which brings new challenges every single day in today’s ever-changing world. To protect the business and vital information start to think about upgrading your hardware/software and securities without delays.


PONDESK specialises in a variety of computer hardware and networking appliances, including Mini PC’s, low power Fanless PICO PC as well as a complete line of firewall routers, next-generation firewall appliances, small & medium business firewall gateways, mini and rackmount server etc


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