The technology of Cloud Computing & Internet of things.


Technology is changing at a rapid pace and we are becoming more and more dependent on it. If you have noticed, we are connected to more and more devices in last few years i.e. ordering food at the restaurant using the mobile app, controlling household devices with mobile, retail stores are offering WiFi connectivity and offering more intelligent details and information. These Internet of things (IoT) devices are becoming more and more part of our day to day activities.

Smart sensors and devices are driving better efficiencies and it helps to plan our daily routine and is showing a capability to reach the places using cloud technology to the remotest places on the earth. These will help our healthcare, disaster recovery, and conservation to react at a rapid pace to help humans with the best use of Artificial Intelligence.

The industry is calling this of technology as “Cloud Computing”. Next generation of businesses and organizations will require to provide their developer’s tools to develop the solution to secure the foundations of best securities in these new tools as all these devices will have the huge amount of sensitive information and the cyber threat will provide more challenges and more open gateways to try and breach the organizations.

Big companies are putting their maximum efforts to add the highest level of securities in cloud computing.

PONDESK specializes in a variety of computer hardware and networking appliances, including Mini PC‘s, low power Fanless PICO PC as well as a complete line of firewall routers, next-generation firewall appliances, small & medium business firewall gateways, mini and rackmount server, etc. all at competitive and wholesale prices.



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