Firewalls – Why Do I Need One?

What is a firewall?

In computing, there are many threats out there circulating the network. That’s why we need something to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic because not everything on the internet is trustworthy. A bit like a superhero, a firewall will protect your trusted network from an untrusted source raging around the web.

Why do I need one then?

If your computer is connected to the internet, which in most cases, it will be, you are a target to hackers and cyber threats. That’s why you need a barrier standing between you and them, in technical terms, a firewall.

In what areas of business are firewalls used?

Using a firewall for personal use would usually be situated on a single computer. Firewalls may be built into network devices like routers. These can protect a few devices but not for a big organisation, but all firewalls are different and many can exceed the amount of usage.

These kinds of firewalls are used in departments and offices in a single location. They analyse the data coming in and out like any other firewall, however, are limited to a number of devices.

These are suited to much larger organisations. While the types listed above, are for single location use only, enterprise firewalls can cover a global area with many thousand users.

We can help you out if you are thinking about getting a secure firewall. We have a great selection at Pondesk and below are a couple of our best sellers for you to consider.

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