IoT – Time Saver or Time Waster?

The internet is one of the most innovational and important things ever to be created in human history, and it’s still progressing. With the introduction of smart phones and devices heading to ‘takeover’ and even addiction in some cases, it has become a necessity to us. But is the ‘Internet of things’ a good thing?

What is the Internet of things?

IoT envelops everything that is connected to the internet and exchanges information, basically. But this is broad. At our moment in time, IoT is used mostly to define things like Artificial Intelligence and smart devices like watches, sunglasses, home appliances and Siri and Alexa etc. These IoT devices have technologies used in them such as wireless, LTE & NFC. The Internet of things is, in another way, a combination of network connections working together, from sending messages without using mobile signal to controlling your washing machine from 30 miles away. It really is fascinating how far our everyday devices are developing.

From window blinds that close themselves, to doorbells that capture footage and even lightbulbs that are voice activated. There are crazier things like smart nappies that monitor your child’s health or egg trays that let you know when it’s time to crack one open. IoT is sometimes weird and ‘lazy’ but it’s the best thing in the world.

There are currently 7.7 billion people in the world and there is already more devices connected to the internet than there are people that inhabit our planet. By the year 2021 there may well be over 20 billion devices set up to flood the market and that’s likely to progress faster and faster.

What are the benefits?

As much as some people may moan about the state of this technological world, one of the biggest impacts of IoT has been it’s current use in healthcare. I’m not just talking about how many steps we’ve walked or stairs we’ve climbed in order to bag free cinema vouchers and rewards, however silly as it may seem that is an exception of bribery I would happily take. I would also like to share the benefits it has in hospitals. There are IoT devices regularly being used by Doctors and Nurses to help the organisation and record tracking of the workplace. They can analyse patients health easily using IoT. Some devices are fitted with sensors that allow us to track the location of medical equipment like wheelchairs, oxygen pumps, defibrillators etc, for emergency use. The distribution and positioning of emergency medical staff can also be monitored too.

In the business world, let’s use Apple and Samsung as an example, IoT can be a good source of data collection for bugs and improvements. Mobile phones like iOS and Android are good examples of this. The manufacturers can add sensors to their devices to keep track of the performance of their software. By connecting to the internet, your phone can automatically update on your OS and this is one very simple but powerful example of the use of IoT. Not forgetting to mention security, you will have to accept terms and conditions in order to allow auto updates.

As for the leisure side of IoT, there is some really cool stuff out there. In 2017, the multimillion dollar photo sharing company, Snapchat, announced their new device ‘Spectacles’. It’s a pair of sunglasses that can record 10 second HD video clips to share online and work with the app. They connect through an assigned smartphone via bluetooth and wifi.

Where is IoT heading?

It sounds like the Internet of Things is heading in the right direction, even if it’s just the little things like voice activation on devices to help less able people to complete essential tasks. The ease of use and time saving attributes to this technology is a cause to continue with it further. Is technology taking over the world? Maybe sooner than later, but I will only worry when the robots rise to Dominance.

Here at, all our products from our mini PCs to our servers are all IoT ready and waiting to be connected.


Published by, A.W Michie, Digital Marketing Exec

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