Need secure working from home?

Pondesk PICO PC, Firewalls and other networking devices are what you need!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak most of the industries have been shutdown throughout the world but this doesn’t include the I.T industry, as under its umbrella spans a lot of other industries which directly and/or remotely associated with it. Now, workforce from the software development industry, Banking, SMBs, Enterprises still need to work even in this ongoing pandemic from their homes as social distancing and self-isolation is made mandatory and to be followed by everyone. The world doesn’t stop here, it moves on. Now the thing with working from home brings new challenges, juggling work while kids are also staying at home since schools are closed, learning new software and conferencing programs, managing paper files at home.

Most people who are working from home think that they are secure as they are using the internet connection directly from their service provider modem (ISP). The only security this setup allows is the software firewall running on the ISP router and the encryption (WPA/WP2 or WPA3) for the wireless connection, that’s just about it. Some routers provide WPA/WPA2 while others offer WPA3 as well. If not then what are your options in this lock down? Well Pondesk is here to save the day! What we offer are networking products for all and sundry. We have something for everyone. From entry level to small to medium sized enterprise level security products to make sure that the work you do is safe from prying eyes and sensitive information is kept safe from the outside world in a secure network. It has been observed that most home networks are vulnerable to getting compromised easily due to less security as compared to office networks which are managed by a team of professionals.

We offer appliances which are compatible with most firewalls like pfSense, Untangle, Sophos, CleaOS, VyOS etc and very easy to manage and best of all, anybody can setup them up and not require a team of professionals to set it up. No matter which flavor of firewall you are comfortable and confident enough to secure your home network with, we have the right products. With features like AES-NI, offering faster encryption and decryption for VPN, purpose-built systems to boost IPS and IDS workloads. Our devices are committed to provide the best connectivity, security, durability and longevity of operations (24/7). Best part is that these are energy efficient with as low as 10W (idle) of power consumption and silent operations with fanless devices. 

So, do you still think you are secure? Check out our products at

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